Can A Jeweler Identify A Lab-Created Diamond?

After purchasing a lab-created diamond, you might be wondering if a jeweler will be able to tell the difference between a diamond that is real or one that is lab-grown. This is especially important in the future if you are looking to sell a piece of jewelry on, as you’ll want to ensure you get the full value back for your investment. Our team is here to share with you everything you need to know about lab-created diamonds and how jewelers can identify them.

A lab-grown diamond and natural diamond look exactly the same and feel identical when they are assessed by a jeweler. Even when a jeweler uses a microscope or loupe, they won’t be able to tell any difference between these two types of diamonds. Most of the tools that are used by jewelers to identify diamonds focus on telling the difference between a real and fake diamond, such as CZ or moissanite. These tools can’t identify any differences between lab-grown and real diamonds, so you’ll find that they are a great option for any future jewelry investment.

Testing Lab-Grown Diamonds

If you want to find out whether a diamond is real or lab-grown, you’ll need specialist equipment. Most jewelers don’t keep this in their stores, as it costs over $10,000 for the testing equipment. These devices are able to detect whether the diamond is real by freezing the diamond and discovering whether nitrogen is present.

Some lab-grown diamonds are graded and have an ID on them, which a jeweler can view with a microscope. This then allows our team to look up the diamond on the public database and check if it’s real or lab-grown. Our team is excited to share the benefits of lab-grown diamonds with individuals in Goldenrod, FL, so we certainly won’t hide the fact that a diamond was grown in a lab. These products are just as high-quality and long-lasting as real diamonds, and you’ll find that they can be used in a variety of jewelry pieces.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Lab-Made Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are ready within just a few weeks, but this will depend on the number of carats you are looking to grow. A one-carat lab diamond will be ready in about ten days, whereas three carats take roughly a month. There is a limit to how quickly diamonds can be grown, as otherwise, the diamond is at risk of fracturing. Our team in Goldenrod, FL, only offers the highest quality ESG Diamonds, and we are excited to offer this sustainable and ethical solution to the general public.


As you can see, there really is very little difference between real and lab-grown diamonds, apart from the origin of the diamond and the huge savings to you as the consumer. We encourage you to look at our full range of products online and in our store near Goldenrod, FL, to admire the quality and craftsmanship of lab-grown diamonds for yourself.