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Unique Diamond Boutique specializes custom diamond engagement rings. Our jewelry store showcases our most popular modern designs and vintage designs. All of our designs have the option to be modified and create your perfect custom diamond ring. Our Winter Park, FL showroom offers the opportunity to custom design your perfect ring with state of the art 3D CAD Software.


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Unique Diamond Boutique has over twelve years of experience retailing and wholesaling mined diamond in the Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry and Central Florida areas. It’s always been our responsibility to our clients to provide diamonds that are ethically sourced while still maintaining the highest quality and specifications. Recently, we decided to make a shift and have decided only to offer “Lab Grown Diamonds” or “Lab Created Diamonds”on our new jewelry lines. Our lab grown diamonds are sold under the applying trademark name of ESG Diamonds™.
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Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Store

When trying to purchase ethically sourced diamonds, but the only way to 100% guarantee is to purchase ESG Diamonds™ lab-grown diamonds.

Our ESG Diamonds™

Are indistinguishable from natural diamonds and can only be differentiated through an intensive process that requires specialized lab equipment. It is almost impossible to determine the source location of mined diamonds.

Mined Diamonds

Posture a serious environment risks due to dangerous mining practices. Some mined diamonds pose severe human rights violations and are called “Blood Diamonds”.

"Blood Diamonds"

Are associated with conflict since many are stolen or illegally mined to finance rebel militia or terrorist groups in Africa. Unique Diamond Boutique has a zero-tolerance policy on selling “Blood Diamonds” and this one the main reason why we moved to selling only lab grown sustainable diamonds.

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Believes we are at a pivotal moment in the diamond and jewelry industry. We are thrilled about the opportunity to provide you with ESG Diamonds™, the most Environmentally safe, Sustainable and properly Governess diamonds on the market.

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