Are Lab Diamonds As Good As Real Diamonds?

by Unique Diamond Boutique 
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A common question our team receives is whether lab-created diamonds are as good as real diamonds. We understand that this is a huge concern for our clients when they are investing in diamonds, but the good news is there are many advantages of purchasing lab-made diamonds over real diamonds. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the quality and value you’ll receive when purchasing lab-grown diamonds.

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a controlled environment. They use various methods such as High Pressure Temperature and Chemical Vapor Deposition to create diamonds that look and feel just like real diamonds. In fact, these diamonds have the same chemical and physical make-up as real diamonds. You’ll find that if you put real and lab-grown diamonds side by side when shopping for diamonds in Altamonte Springs, FL, you would struggle to tell the difference between the two. All of our diamonds are environmentally safe and sustainable, offering you peace of mind while shopping for a new piece of jewelry.

The Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds

When answering the question of whether lab-grown diamonds are as good as real diamonds, you’ll want to consider the top benefits of lab-made diamonds. Here at Unique Diamond Boutique, we are excited to offer locals of Altamonte Springs, FL, the opportunity to shop for lab-grown diamonds. Firstly, to the naked eye, you can’t see any difference between a lab-grown diamond and a real diamond. The only way that you would be able to see the difference is if they were tested, as lab-grown diamonds don’t contain any nitrogen, whereas natural diamonds do. Either of the methods that are used to create lab-made diamonds makes a diamond that is similar to the ones you may be familiar with wearing in the past.


When it comes to the number one reason to purchase lab-grown diamonds, you’ll find it’s all about the price. You’ll receive a diamond that is of the same quality, with a 30-50% lower price tag. Shoppers usually use this saving to opt for a larger diamond, and no one will ever know that you’ve purchased a lab-grown diamond. Many people also opt to choose man-made diamonds as they are more ethical. Our team is passionate about offering a sustainable solution instead of relying on mining. ESG Diamonds stands for environmentally, safe, sociable and sustainable, and properly governed. We are passionate about supporting an ethical way to offer diamonds to residents of Casselberry, FL, and will be happy to discuss with you the wide range of products we have on offer.


Are you looking to purchase a new piece of diamond jewelry this year? If so, lab-grown diamonds offer incredible value for money and a dazzling piece of jewelry that looks just as good as a real diamond. Check out our range of products online or contact our team today for further information about lab-grown diamonds. We are excited to offer lab-made diamonds to locals in Casselberry, FL, and Altamonte Springs, FL, and we truly believe this is the way forward when it comes to purchasing diamond jewelry.